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Organic Cotton Makes It Better

Posted by Lori Kaufman on

Everyone wants to look their best, feel their best, and take care of their bodies the best they can. Don't they? Luckily the "trendy" thing to do is buy organic foods, lotions, shampoos, soaps, and any other products offered. People are also becoming more “eco-conscious”, and want to reduce the toxins in both their homes and the environment!

We tend to care what we are putting on and into our bodies, but shouldn't we care about what is touching our body as well, especially when we sleep? We touch and breath the fibers our fabrics are made of most of the day and spend a third of our lives in bed. Have you ever stopped to think about what your sheets are made of? Evolution of Comfort thinks it's time to make the switch to organic bedding fabric and here's why:

Negative effects of non-organic cotton:

Non-organic products use dyes and chemicals to make fabrics soft and colorful. Sure, they look good, but can these chemicals hurt us? Studies have shown that large percentages of farmers that grow non-organic cotton die of chemical causing cancers. Knowing this, wouldn't it be so much better to use products that are grown free from these chemicals?

These chemicals are causing a large portion of environmental pollution, which is a leading cause of allergies and irritation for many people. Switching to organic cotton means the use of chemical fertilizer, insecticides, and pesticides are eliminated. This improves the quality of our water supply, our land, and our health.

What will making the switch to organic cotton bedding do for you?

Personally, the switch has allowed me to breathe into my pillow with the confidence of knowing that I am not taking in chemicals from cotton production or fabric dyes with every breath. I also love the softness and smoothness of my comforter and knowing that I am wrapped up in natural and untainted fibers. Also, being aware of how a product is produced, manufactured, packaged, and transported can greatly help sustain a better environment. Yes! This is worth the investment in comfort and health! Evolution of Comfort.