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Our Story


Evolution of Comfort® started with a single idea: make great products that ooze comfort. We researched other products and brainstormed how we could do right by the planet and our conscience. We found that most bedding is finished with chemicals, and so the story began...

The Evolution of Comfort® started with a simple idea: great products that are comfortable in every way. From having a little peace of mind, to a great hand feel and cozy factor; each element of our products is considered from start to finish. In searching for great products, we noticed that most bedding items today are finished with chemical treatments, so that’s where our journey began.


After we found a direction, we needed to decide what that meant for our future products. Here’s what we came up with:

  • PRODUCTS THAT GIVE BACK: We partnered with 1% for the Planet to give back and keep the planet strong
  • CHEMICAL-FREE: Nothing harsh is used to treat our cotton or down. Better for the environment, and your skin
  • EARTH FRIENDLY: These products can be recycled, meaning less waste in landfills
  • TRACEABLE COMPONENTS: As a part of RDS, our down can be traced back to the source, making sure it’s ethical
  • ALL THE COMFORT: You know how much we like to be comfy. We wanted these products to wrap you in coziness.



At the end of everything came affordability. We wanted everyone to have the opportunity to own quality, luxurious feeling bedding, at a price that was actually affordable. Who has an extra $800 for a down comforter? Not us. So get rid of that gross, yellow, stained pillow you’ve had since you were 6. We know it’s a precious reminder of growing up, but it’s nasty. Get yourself some bedding that will make your momma proud.



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